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Qualities of Successful Defense Attorney

Defence attorneys are trained and experienced to handle all sort of criminal cases. Hiring a good attorney can help you in saving money and winning your cases. They can handle all sorts of crimes from murder to drug trafficking. The following are the key attributes of defense lawyers that helps them in filling that role.

Research Skills

They should be capable of conducting legal research. This can help them in gathering crucial information that can set his /her client free. Sometimes the police might overlook some issues when investigating the alleged crime.

Courtroom Demeanour

Nearly all the courtroom proceedings are prescribed ad courtroomformal. This is a different setting that required these experts to be theatrical when necessary. Neither the prosecutor nor the judge can intimidate them.

Negotiating Skills

Sometimes you might have some issues which don’t need to be taken to court. You can opt to settle some issues out of court with the approval of the judge. In such instances, your defense lawyer should negotiate with the other party to get the best deal for you.


Good attorneys should be skilled communicators. They should use their excellent communication skills in the courtroom. In addition to this, they should possess excellent writing skills. This is the quality that demonstrates their ability to write other documents and briefs.


They should have in-depth knowledge when it comes to legal issues and procedures. This can help them in relating well with the prosecutors who are opposing them and judges who are presiding over their cases.


They should demonstrate the highest levels of integrity. They shintegrity-honestyould be honest with their clients. For instance, they are expected to inform their clients of the progress of their cases. They should also let them know the possible outcomes of their proceedings.


These experts should care about their clients and their clients’ families. A guilty verdict can greatly affect the professional licenses of his/her client. It can also have additional consequences on the client’s immigration status should it come into question.

Understands Police

These experts should be on good terms with investigative the police. They know what the police do to obtain information from them. An attorney should understand how the security experts operate for them to understand the evidence used against their clients.

Analytical Skills

Experts who have sharp minds are known for making quick judgments. He should be capable of making his argument or challenging the prosecution and think all the time.…


Role Of An Entertainment Lawyer

The entertainment industry is one of the rapidly growing industries with great advancements and time. Without it, it is quite difficult to enjoy your life. This is the reasons that several machines and devices can entertain. Nowadays, you can be entertained by games, sports, social dances, and cinemas. Several legal issues have had an impact on entertainment industry both negatively and positively. This explains reasons for enactment of entertainment law.

tgw3ed6chywseu22Entertainment law or media law as commonly known to us cover a broad range of laws, which govern entertainment industry professionals and businesses. The lawyers that specialize in this field are called entertainment lawyers. These professionals are familiar with many other fields of law like labor law, contract law, and litigation. They mainly help their clients negotiate contracts and file infringement suits, which are related to the copyrights. In some instances, they take the role of agents and assist their clients to manage their assets and careers. For instance, an entertainment lawyer set the leona lewis tour dates. They can also assist with several legalities in the entertainment industry.

Why hire entertainment lawyers

Job description

Entertainment lawyers make contracts for their clients. Moreover, they can review those from managers, publicists, and studios. The fact that they have a lot of knowledge on this industry means that they keep the interests of their clients at heart. These professionals help clients negotiate contracts. The lawyers can also create relationships with record labels and studios. In this way, they are aware of deals that are viable for their clients. Moreover, they know who in this particular industry has got a strong presence. Thus, they can use the gained knowledge to make deals with their clients.

Areas of specialization

tgwedc6hwd87j2i22These lawyers can help clients that are new in the industry to know the contracts and deals that are beneficial for them. Moreover, they help clients understand their performing rights. In fact, an entertainment lawyer can help you hire an accountant, manager, and an agent. With awareness of the entertainment law, these professionals offer a general counsel to their clients. Moreover, they aid with marketing deals. If you have tax issues, they can help you solve them.

Hiring an entertainment attorney

There are certain factors an artist should consider when choosing an entertainment lawyer. The first one is the cost. Ask about the billing method your lawyer uses. Some lawyers charge hourly fees and others a percentage of your income.…

Merits Of Power Of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document that shows the name of the person who has the authority to act on your behalf when conducting important transactions for you. When using a power of attorney, the other party is expected to act with utmost integrity. Below are some of the benefits of power of attorney;

Eases The Burden Of Decision Making

A power of attorney helps to alleviate the burden of decision making when decisions need to be
made. For example, in a company, the board of directors is required to be present at all meetings. However, sometimes that is not possible, and in some meetings, the board is required to make important decisions for the company. It becomes virtually impossible to communicate everything to the board, and therefore, the company attorney is given the power of attorney so that they can sign on behalf of the board members. That also saves them the time and effort of being present in all board meetings while they could be working.

Monetary Transactions

When the one signing the legal document is unable to manage their finances, the attorney-in-fact will handle the financial transactions on their behalf. The document gives them the right to manage their assets, acquire investments and even sell their property when need be.

Health Issues

A power of attorney is essential when making decisions that are health
related. It is referred to as a medical power of attorney. The document will designate a trusted person to make vital health care decisions for the individual who signed the documents. The attorney-in-fact will make the decision only when the principal is medically incapable of making the decision for themselves. However, decisions that are related to convulsive treatment, abortion, admission in a mental institution and psychosurgery cannot be made. If the principal is on life support, the attorney-in-fact can decide whether the plug can be pulled or not.

Family Matters

Sometimes in a marriage, couples may be in a long distance relationship due to professional reasons; therefore, they end up living apart. A power of attorney will be significant to them because it will give one of them the power to handle their finances or use the money they have in the case of an emergency. In addition to that, they can claim a bank account or run the household if need be. That also shows the level of trust in that relationship.…

Types Of Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is any act committed with the intention of obtaining a fraudulent outcome from an insurance process. The claimant may attempt to get a benefit that they are not entitled to. Insurance fraud is one of the most common crimes committed around the world. Types of insurance fraud are diverse, and they happen in all areas of insurance. Below are some of the types of insurance fraud;

Car Accident

In this case of fraud, the driver and the accident victim are the ones that are involved in the scam. In some cases, they involve bystanders and insurance investigators so that they can be assured of getting the benefit. When the fake accident occurs, they inflate the value of the vehicle to almost double its price.

Stolen Car

There are two ways in which criminals can perpetrate this crime. The owner of the car could sell the body parts of their cars to a body shop, and then they could use the parts as evidence that the car has been stolen. The second way which is the most prevalent is individuals sell their cars to overseas buyers without the transaction involving any paperwork. After that, they make a claim to their insurance companies that their car has been stolen hence expecting compensation.

Staged Home Fires

Homeowners insurance fraud costs insurances companies as well as their clients a lot of money every year. The most common type of this fraud is staged fire or acts of vandalism. The owner of the property will keep the items in the property safe before the scam, or they will make sure the insurance company is aware of the items in the property then destroys them. Criminals could be hired to set the place on fire or to vandalize it and victimize the owner.

Faked Death

This form of fraud is so common that insurance companies may give the real victims a hard time before compensating them. The fraud will take out a life insurance policy on them and make their spouse a beneficiary. After the policy has been in effect for a while, the criminal will fake their death, and their spouse will be compensated.

Renter’s Insurance

Individuals who rent homes will take out renter’s insurance policies to cover the costs of what they possess. When financials times get harsh, they may sell their possessions and report them as stolen. They can also do that before moving out and then send their claim to their respective insurance companies.…

SF Bay Area Labor Heritage Chorus

“If you really want to roll the union along, come and join the union in song!”

— Walter Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer,
SF Labor Council

The Labor Heritage/Rockin’ Solidarity Chorus is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is made up of workers from many unions, as well as students and independent folks who love to sing. We are dedicated to building more democracy and representation within our unions and we come together to celebrate our love of music and workers’ culture.

The Chorus is directed by musician and labor organizer, Pat Wynne. Under her leadership, we borrow from many musical traditions such as South African and Gospel; traditional and newly composed labor songs; songs in Yiddish, Latin, Spanish and Xshosha; and parodies of popular songs created in the Joe Hill tradition. Pat Wynne’s musical mission is to create a new canon of labor music that better reflects the diversity of our working population. Our accompanist and Pat Wynne’s musical collaborator is Bernard Gilbert.

Book the Chorus: We are available for performances at union and community events. Contact Pat Wynne at 415-648-3457 or by e-mail at…