Labor Chorus Song Index (November 2004)

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Title Page # Notes Words by Tune by Arr.
A Living Wage 223 BGilbert [YonderComeDay] JCTucker,PW
Abortion Is Illegal 104
Brecht HEisler
Aging Is Not For Sissies 217 JMacHarg
Ain’t Gonna Give It Back 1-2 JO’Connor
Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody 73 [Trad]
Amazing strength 90 BGilbert [AmazingGrace]
Aragon Mall 143 PHoose et al. SKahn
Arbeter Froyen 156 DEdelstadt ABShalom
Army song 107a BBrecht KWeil
Ar-nold 171 B.Gilbert [Rawhide]
Attorney General Song 159a BGilbert [Santa Claus is]
Ballad of Harry Bridges 200,81 LHays [Little Old Sod Shanty…] PW
Beans Bacon and Gravy 170
Bella Ciao 147
Billionaires for Bush 61
Blue State Blues 228 Chorus ad lib. PW
Bread and Roses 31 JOppenheim MFarina PW
Brother Can You Spare a Dime 167 YHarbi JGordon PW
Bury Me In My Overalls 120
Bush Inaugural Theme 27 [JoeHill]
Bush Medley-1 [W Medly] 30 BGilbert [Hold The Fort] PW
Bush Medley-2 BGilbert [Internationale,Solidarity..] PW
Bush Medley-3 211 BGilbert [Internationale,Solidarity..] PW
Bush, see: W Medley 30 BGilbert
California Labor History App
Cannon Song 107b MJS KWeil
Can’t Stand That Outsourcing 225 BGilbert JHendricks JWard
Christmas in the Trenches 151 JMcKutcheon JMcKutcheon
Come Go With Me to that Land 132a-b PW
Common Thread 127 KEdington
Contempt 175 A.Kramer B.Sanders R.Hayim
Cotton Mill Girls 32 Trad PW
Credit Card Bills 195 Xmas BB-Smith [Jingle Bells]
Da Pacem Domina 163 round Anon Anon
De Colores 3 PMcKenna&Trad [Trad]
Dead Iraqis 142 GMann [Deportees]
Depleted Uranium 191b [Hey Matilda…]
Deportee 114 WGuthrie MHoffman
Depr Medley-A Halle & Beans 173a PW
Depr Medley-B Soup & Halle 173b PW
Digger’s Song 135 LRosselson
Do Re Mi 112b,116b WGuthrie WGuthrie
Documents, etc App
Doing the Reactionary 51/12 HRome [ILGWU musical]
Dona Nobis Pacem 150 round
Duct Tape 191b [School Days]
Ego Sum Pauper 4b round
Eight Hour Day 149 [miners 1897] [British Grenadiers]
Eight Hour Day 33,34 IGBlanchard
E-Mail Diectory App
Enron Song 118 MKnight [DaDuRunRun
Eyes on the Prize 35 [HandOnThePlough PW
Family of Woman and Man 111 GFouke
FBI 191a Xmas [Santa Claus is comming]
Fill the Halls 159a Xmas JMcCall [Deck the Halls]
Fixin’ to die Rag 151 Davis
FrankenFoods 28 BGilbert [DannyBoy]
Freedom After a While 128 [SoAfrica]
Freedom is Coming 5 [SoAfrica]
Frosty the Snowman 196b Xmas
Girl I left behind me 154 unkn [Irish trad]
Gone To the Dogs 138 Rogers&Burnsen [All for me grog]] PW
Gonna Write to my Congress… 191a [Down by the Riverside]
Good Night Irene 62a-c HLedbetter/etc
Grand Coulee Dam 113 WGuthrie WGuthrie
Great Principle 122
Gropin’ (Ar-nold) 171 B.Gilbert [Rawhide]
Hallelujah I’m a Bum 169 H.McClintock [England]
Hallelujah Medley A-B 173a-b PW
Hard Traveling 115,116d-e WGuthrie
Harriet Tubman 63 WRobinson WRobinson
Harry Bridges, Song For 200,81 LHays [Little Old Sod Shanty]
Hold On Eyes [On the Prize] 35 [HandOnThePlough PW
Hold the Fort 6,7,29a PHBliss
Homage to Herbert Hoover 166a-b BGilbert DEllington[ItDon’tMeanA] PW
Honor the Picket Line 36 PBard&BGilbert [FollowTheDrinking…] PW
How can Working Folks Survive 124
Huelga En General 146
I Am a Union Woman 202 AuntMollyJackson PW
I Cannot Sleep 164 MReynolds MReynolds PW
I Don’t Want to Get Adjusted 128 TheWeavers [Trad]
I Stand with the Union 37 TWarmbrand [Wade In The Water]
I Wish I Knew How 224 BTaylor, DDallas
If Chickens 226 PAPhlager
If we cannot find Osama 152 ISilber [If you’re happy…]
If You’re Looking for Freedom 38 JFromer
I’m Dreaming of a Just 159b
I’m Dreaming of A… 196b Xmas
I’m too old to be a scab 153 TBone Slim
I’m Workin’ with the Union 45,46 WHaw [I’m Goin’ Up A Yonder]
Imagine 105a,b JLennon/PMcKenna
In the Good Old Picket Line 137b [In the good old summer]
Internationale 75,76 EPottier PDeGeyter
Interval Mnemonics App
Irene, Good Night 62a-c HLedbetter/etc
It Ain’t Necessarily So 47 PMcKenna [Porgy&Bess]
It Isn’t Nice 8 MReynolds
It’s Better with a Union Man 54/13 HRome [ILGWU Musical]
I’ve Got to Know 114b,116s-t WGuthrie WGuthrie
Jingle Bells 196a Xmas
Joe Hill 102 AHayes ERobinson
Joe Hill 121 POchs
Joe Hill 102a TSampson ERobinson
Joe Hill-Bush 136 ERobinson
Just Before the Battle Mother 153 GFRoot
Keep Our Union Strong 133 [Will The Circle] PW
Keep Your Eyes on the Prize 35
Kennebunkport Hillbillies 64 MW [Beverly Hillbillies]
K-Mart Stores 157a JMcCall [Santa Claus is]
Labor History 65 Wynne&Gilbert Wynne&Gilbert
Labor History Medley 29a
Left No Trace 218 Wynne&Gilbert Wynne&Gilbert PW
Let It Snow 196a Xmas
Lift Every Voice 66 JWJohnson JRJohnson
Little Shelters 219 NShimmel&CMorrow MReynolds
Los Cuatro Genererales 179 Anon (Spain) WHille
Los Quatros Generales Medley 190 Anon [Spain] PW
Love is just the song we 160 Youngbloods
Ludlow Massacre 128 WGuthrie WGuthrie
Ludlow Massacre 122a-d AHayes ERobinson
Mac the Knife 101
Make Peace instead of War 191b [When the Saints]
Marching in the Streets 67 [Dancin’ In the Streets]
May the Work that I have Done 73 BThomas [Trad]
Mayn Ruhr Platz 140 MRosenfeld [Yiddish trad] PW
Minimum Wage 9-11 LTruskoff MTravis[16Tons]
Modern Warfare 161 JO’Connor [Mac the knife]
Money 39 MKnight Gordy&Bradford PW
More than a Paycheck 125
Mother’s Twelve Days 195 Xmas PDoty [Twelve Days of Xmas]
Mr. Bush 191a
Mujeres Valientes 97
Music Alone Shall Live 70 round
My Factory Lies over the Ocean 110 Tucson Labor Chorus [My bonnie lies over]
Mysteries of a Hobo’s Life 154 TBone Slim [Girl I left behind]
No Perfect Woman Lives 70 round
No Sweat 91 BGrant&PHumphries BGrant
Not In My Name 139 TRotskoff TRotskoff PW
Oakland General Strike 26a-h AVLannon
Ode To Joy 136 SeattleLaborChorus Beethoven
Oh Christmas Tree 159a Xmas JMcCall
Oh Miss Smith 70 round Donizetti
On Minimum Wage 9-11 LTruskoff MTravis[16Tons]
On the first day of Fascism 152 Xmas MPhillips [first day of xmas]]
On the Picket Line 109 [Polly Wolly Doodle]
One Big Union for Two 53/14 HRome [ILGWU Musical]
Organize 92 GBrittin
Organizing Workers in 158 [Walking in a winter]
Our Way 134 MKinght [Down To The River] SC&PW
Pastures of Plenty 114,112 WGuthrie WGuthrie
Paz Queremos Paz 106 JLOrozco PW
Peace Salaam Shalom 221 PHumphries et al. PHumphries et al.
People Get Ready 220 BGilbert(mod) CMayfield PW
People Get Ready 220a-b BGilbert CMayfield PW
People like You 67 SKahn
Phone Tree App
Picket Line Round 4a,29b round CAnderson [Russian Hymn]
Pins and Needles Musical 51-54/12-15 HRome [ILGWU Musical]
Pittston Miners 208 HHilburn PW
Popular Wobbly 155 T-Bone Slim [They go wild…]
Porgy & Bess Medley 47-48 PMcKenna
Power of the Union 40 SKahn
Pretty Boy Floyd 119 WGuthrie
Profits Before People 93 WJohnson PWynne
Punch it in is All We Do 68 JMcCall [Breaking Up Is Hard]
Raggedy Raggedy Are We 203 JHandcox [How Beautiful] PW
Reality March 191a GS [Stars&Stripes]
Rebel Girl 79 JHill
Resource List App
Rise Again 69a TJuravich TJuravich
Rise Again 69b TJuravich PW
Rock Arround the Marriot 126
Rockin’ Solidarity
Roll on Columbia 112a,116q-s WGuthrie
Roll Out the PR 191b GS [Roll out the Barrel]
Roll the Union On 16a JHandcox [Roll The Chariot] PW
Roll the Union On 16b JHandcox [Roll The Chariot] WHille
Rudolph the Union 159b
Safeway Workers 215 PW & BGilbert [Pittston Miners]
Samba round 17 round Podvin&Wynne [Trad}
Same Merry Go Round 145 ProgressiveParty
Santa Claus is Coming… 196b Xmas
Save the Country 212 LNiro LNiro
Second Act Finale (Preachers) 108 BBrecht KWeil
Selfish Spirit of Commerce 137 PW
Sell Your Labor Not Your Soul 41 EMcNeill
Share the Dough 158 [Let it show]
Si Me Quieres Escribir Medley 180b Anon [Spain] PW
Sing Me a Song of Social Significance 52/15 HRome [ILGWU Musical]
Sit Down 205 MSugar PW
Sixteen Words 174 M.Travis
Skills to Build On App
Skinnamalinkadoolium 210a [Trad] [Trad]
So Long It’s Been Good to 113b,116k-l WGuthrie WGuthrie
Solidarity Forever 18,29b,73 RChaplin RChaplin
Solidarity is Global PWynne [Solidarity for ever]
Solidarity personality vers 78,78b BGilbert [Personality] PW
Somagwaza 19 round [SoAfrica]
Some Subversive Evening 192
Some Subversive Evening 192 PW
Song For Bridges 200,81 LHays [Little Old Sod Shanty]
Song Sheet Christmas-RG 196a Xmas
Song Sheet CUE 176
Song Sheet Iraq 177 FSNetwork
Song Sheet Raging Grannies 191a-b
Song Sheet UCSF 178 N.Maida
Soon & Very Soon 72 BThomas [Trad}
Soup Song 168 J.Glazer
Spanish Civil War Medley 180a-b,190
Spirit of ’34 25 JHenning
Stand By Me 68 JMcCall [Stand By Me]
Stand Up 222 MNiemoeller MStern PW
Step by Step 70,123 WHille [Trad Irish]
Steppin out 148 Wynne&Gilbert IBerlin
Stole The Vote 162a-b BGilbert PHBliss[Hold The Fort
Strangest Dream 71 EMcCurdy EMcCurdy WHille
Summertime 47 [Porgy&Bess]
Syahamba 20
Syllabus App
The Girl I Left Behind Me 154 [Ireland]
The Labor Chorus 227 MKnight MKnight PW
The Mysteries of a Hobo’s Life 213 T-BSlim [The Girl I Left Behind Me]
The Strike Will Soon Be Over 21-23 CATindley

The White House Resident 216 JKnowles JKnowles
The Women Are Coming 194 BGrant BGrant BGrant
There is Power in the Union 155 JHill [There is power in]
There Was a Rich Man 210a [Trad] [Trad]
There Was a Rich Man 210b CIO GM Strike [Trad]
There’s A Yellow Bush From Texas 144 RLGreen [Yellow Rose Of Texas]
There’s No Business Like… 193 JMcCall [There’s No Business…]
There’s Nothing Quite Like Money 103 Brecht HEisler
This Land is Your Land 112c WGuthrie WGuthrie
This Line is Singing 72,73
This Little Light of Mine 73 [Trad} {Trad]
Three Penny Opera 101,103-108
Tom Ammiano for Mayor 165 PWynne&BGilbert BKaper&WJurmann[SF]
Tom Joad 123 WGuthrie
Toxic Dreams 80 PWynne PW
Turtles and Teamsters 80 ALannon PWynne
Union All the Way 94 GBEllis [Sanctuary]
Union Amen 72 [Trad]
Union Brothers [Keep Our U] 133 [Will The Circle] PW
Union Maid 43a WGuthrie [Little Red Wing] PW
Union Maid 44,73,29a WGuthrie [Little Red Wing] MChase
United Front 100 BBrecht HEisler
Vine and Fig Tree 136 round
Viva La Quince Brigada 179 Anon [Spain] LAdomian
Viva La Quince Brigada Medley 180a Anon [Spain] PW
W Medley 30 BGilbert
Waiting on Roosevelt 198 LHughes [Sitting on top of the world ALomax
Wal-Mart 157b Wynne&Gilbert [Take me out to]
Warlords Song 191b [Drunken Sailor]
We are Climbing Higher 129 GBritten
We Are the People 141 JKnowles JKnowles
We Do the Work 74 JFromer
We Fall Down 95 GBEllis
We Got Plenty of Nothin’ 48
We Got Plenty of Nothin’ 47-48 PMcKenna [Porgy&Bess]
We Need a Union 73 JFromer
We Shall Not Be Moved 72 Trad [I shall not be moved]
We Shall Not Give Up the Fight 130 [So.Africa] PW
We Were There 24 BGrant PW
We wish you a happy 159b Xmas
We Wish You a Merry Xmas 196a Xmas
We Won; We Won 209a-b JO’Connor PW
We’re Workin’ with the Union 45,46 WHaw [I’m Goin’ Up A Yonder]
We’ve got Plenty of Nothin’ 48
What’s Our Dignity Worth 74 JFromer
When Rats Dream 77 BGilbert PWynne
When the Fruit Rots on the … 214 [many] [When the Saints…]
When the Poor have Won 72 CHWemmer [When The Saints]
When Will You Play Fair 117 MKnight [When Will I Be Loved]
Which Side Are You On 72 FReese
Winter Wonderland 196a Xmas
Wobbly Doxology 131a-b IWW [Doxology] PW
Woodie Guthrie Medly 116a-w
Work It Out 96 GBEllis
Workin’ with the Union 45,46 WHaw [I’m Goin’ Up A Yonder]
World Turned Upside Down 135 LRosselson
Would You Like to Play the… 197 PDonohue [Swing on a Star]
Yellow Bush from Texas 144 LGreen [Yellow Rose…]
Yo Estoy Con Chavez 98 [Red Flag+?]
You Don’t Own Me 49,50 PMcKenna LGore
You’d Better Watch Out 196a Xmas

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